Monday, August 16, 2010

Free Writing - Travel

Countries I have visited are NZ, Australia, Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, and then in the Pacific Ocean I’ve been to the Cook Islands (three times) and also to Fiji when I was a lot younger.

European countries include England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Moving over to the Continent I’ve been to Austria, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Holland, Luxembourg, Vatican City, Spain, Portugal and I think that’s probably about the lot.

The only African country I’ve visited is Morocco and what an astonishing country that is.

I couldn’t possibly name a country that I like BEST. But some of my favourites would be Italy, France, Morocco and Vietnam.

I’m hoping my traveling experience is not over because if I can’t travel, I can plan travel, I can think about travel, I can listen to travel podcasts, I can imagine travel, I can watch the Travel Channel, I can talk to people about travel, I can listen to peoples’ travel stories, I can read travel blogs and other travel websites, I can collect travel apps for my iphone.

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