Monday, August 23, 2010

I'm telling Harry to get started again. Maybe I need to get kids a bit more psyched up first. They could tell a thinking partner what they might like to write about first, just to get them going at the beginning. It certainly seems that when you have an idea to start with, the writing flows a lot better for the duration and then the time just zooms past and before you know it, the five minutes are up!!! Next time I'm going to spend the time looking around the room, not at the screen or keyboard and just record anything I see that pops into my head. I can type without looking, so that will help. Britt can too, I think. The hardest part for me will be not trying to correct my errors or looking to see if I've made any. That will be really tricky. I'm seeing Kale talking - well he can't possibly write and talk at the same time and neither can the person he is talking to - write while he's being talked to, that is. I'm trying to think where Free Writing could fit into a useful and robust writing programme. Perhaps it could ultimately be a once or twice a week activity.

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