Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Emma's totally absorbed in her writing. Egg is still getting a pen from his pencil case. Britt is wandering around with an apple. Harry is waving at her. Alan is typing one fingered on his iPad. Egg is in his desk again, now he;s testing pens, now he's looking for one in the found property box. Corbin, Kale and Hadley are watching him. Hadley is looking around, doing nothin g. Kale is watching Lucy who it seems has found a pen and is now giving it to Egg who thanks Lucy. Lucy has her paper and pen and is comfortably camouflaged amongst the rest of the kids. Britt is getting her stuff out of Harry's desk. Harry is clearly enjoying the break. Ollie is watching Harry and Britt. Maddy is wondering what to write about. She now has her head almost on the desk in sleeping position. Kennedy is writing, writing. The same people seem to like using their books / laptops. Kale, Egg and Hadley prefer to sit on the chairs , on the benches in the pool room.

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